Workshop & Retreats

When you book Melissa On Kloud 9 to ‘innergize’ your workshops and retreats, expect to be actively engaged with simple, yet profound real-life strategies you can put to progressive good use starting that same day.


As the Voice that ‘Innergizes’ You & Your Organization, Melissa is a Premier Coach that loves jumping into serious business while mixing in a little fun and sharing immediate gratification.  Proven and powerful results (with sustainability) have included, but are not limited to …


  • Increased Inspiration, Motivation, & Focus
  • Improved Attitudes, Perspective Shifts, & Unity
  • Stress Reduction, Better Clarity & Productivity


“Your presentation was astounding.  Everyone who attended the event raved about the exercises.” ~ Pat Lyons, Center for Child & Family Advocacy


Simplified 3-Step Process to OK9 Workshop & Retreat Bookings


1.  Choose the topic & format that best fits your group needs …


Featured Speaker Topics (@ 20 minutes)

  • Your Cell Phone May Be Charged, But Are YOU?
  • Turn Stress Off Like a Light Switch, and Turn More Success On
  • Power Your Inner Winner (no matter what)


Workshop Topics (Flexible 1 – 2 Hrs TBD)

  • Jump Frustrated 2 Fabulous
  • Pour From an Empty Cup No More
  • Leapfrog Stress, Amplify Success (in 3 seconds or less)


Retreat Day Topics (@ 6 Hrs in 2Hr Intervals)

  • How to Live Blessed, Not Stressed (in 3 minutes or less)
  • ‘Innergizing’ R&R. Recharge & Revive with OK9 FUNdaMENTALS™
  • Sweet OK9 M&Ms.  Minimize Stress & Maximize Success with Meditation & More


2.  Send your proposed budget parameters, requested date(s) & time(s), location, relevant details regarding your event, and related requests to


3.  Watch for an email response and/or phone call to confirm details and booking schedule.  Meanwhile, feel free to refer to the marketing materials herein (below) provided for your convenience.  Upon confirmation, additional information will be provided, further details may follow, and a short Q&A may be forwarded in order to customize content for your group’s benefit.


“Attendees said that your workshop was exactly what they needed to rejuvenate their spirits!”

~ Amy Deverson Roberts, Nationwide Children’s Hospital



Thank you for your expressed interest.  The sky’s the limit On Kloud 9!