Melissa’s Coaching Road Map

“Melissa’s Coaching Road Map is pointing me in the right direction for my new creative and exciting retirement years. The eudemonics are a huge benefit in my personal life. Also using my custom affirmation makes each day more meaningful. Thanks Melissa for my new lease on a new life.”

~ Sandy Rose

POWER Meditations Work!

“Conventional wisdom says they don’t understand how I’m alive and walking, since my catastrophic spinal cord injury. I say I’m alive and walking because POWER Meditations Work!”


~William Baker, Spinal Cord Injury Survivor

She’s top notch across the board

“Personable. Expert. Good Value. I met Melissa at EWN’s international conference in 2010 as she was one of several coaches they endorsed, offering speed sessions with each so that you could get to know each coach’s style, personality, etc to deem who might be great fit for you/your business. Although I appreciated the time I had with each, Melissa’s energy, authenticity, style, and wisdom catapulted her to the top of my ‘wish list’.


I was blessed to be coached by Melissa several months later and can not say enough good about her heart, guidance, practices, and wisdom. The benefits of having a business coach for accountability, structure, and productivity are priceless on their own merit. Couple that with warmth, authenticity and a real want to celebrate victory with her clients, Melissa delivers something beyond mainstream coach offerings. She can’t be beat. I highly recommend her if you want to reach goals that have been on your list for far too long and want to fly to the next level and the next! She’s top notch across the board!!!”

~Denise Taylor, WeGetTo.com