Rave Reviews


“Conventional wisdom says they don’t understand how I’m alive and walking, since my catastrophic spinal cord injury. I say I’m alive and walking because POWER Meditations Work!”


~William Baker, Spinal Cord Injury Survivor


“Melissa’s Coaching Road Map is pointing me in the right direction for my new creative and exciting retirement years. The eudemonics are a huge benefit in my personal life. Also using my custom affirmation makes each day more meaningful. Thanks Melissa for my new lease on a new life.”

~ Sandy Rose

“Personable. Expert. Good Value. I met Melissa at EWN’s international conference in 2010 as she was one of several coaches they endorsed, offering speed sessions with each so that you could get to know each coach’s style, personality, etc to deem who might be great fit for you/your business. Although I appreciated the time I had with each, Melissa’s energy, authenticity, style, and wisdom catapulted her to the top of my ‘wish list’.


I was blessed to be coached by Melissa several months later and can not say enough good about her heart, guidance, practices, and wisdom. The benefits of having a business coach for accountability, structure, and productivity are priceless on their own merit. Couple that with warmth, authenticity and a real want to celebrate victory with her clients, Melissa delivers something beyond mainstream coach offerings. She can’t be beat. I highly recommend her if you want to reach goals that have been on your list for far too long and want to fly to the next level and the next! She’s top notch across the board!!!”

~Denise Taylor, WeGetTo.com


“Melissa brought me an amazing sense of calm after spending the day with her at a retreat. Her suggestions for meditation and prayer act as daily reminders to me of the importance of nurturing my relationship with God. Spending time devoted to focusing on MY personal growth helps me to better meet the needs of those around me who depend on my support. Thank you, Melissa. WooHoo!”

~ Paula McGurk … June, 2011


“Since we have been utilizing Melissa’s services we have seen a steady upsweep in sales. I highly recommend her services to any person or company seeking a highly talented, skilled professional that is extremely pleasant to work with.”

~ Daniele Calderone, Bridgevine


“Melissa, your coaching style is so perfect for today’s smart, busy, no nonsense woman! And your message/advice/directions were powerful and essential for growing my business. Your guidance focused my energy onto the right path and because of you, I found my voice! Thank you very much.”

~ Shirin Sherkat, Psy.D., CreateHappyKids.com


“Melissa’s coaching helped me focus my words and explain my brand in a way I would never have thought of. She is professional, insightful, and progressive in her approach. With Melissa’s input, I’m better prepared to verbally deliver my product’s story with much more focus and power.”

~ Mary Dixon, ASID


“As an eWomen Network Managing Director, I have been dazzled by the professionalism, creativity, and results that Melissa Hoffman gets from any size group that is assembled. We have had successful orientations with Melissa, and an extremely effective Accelerated Networking Event spearheaded by

her philosophies and direction. I feel very blessed to have her in my chapter, and my life!”

~ Connie Lane Christy, ASID


“The Power Meditation™ you created for my clients hits all the key points beautifully! I’m thrilled to share this meditation with my clients as part of their coaching program because it is the perfect daily support they will need as they work to see new possibilities, put actions behind those ideas and ultimately, step into higher levels of success. Thank you Melissa!”

~ Meredith Liepelt, RichLifeMarketing.com


“The Power Meditation™ Melissa created for me is amazing!”

~ Wayne Kelly, Morning Radio Show Host, Canada


“Working with Melissa is a dream. Not only is she a marvelously talented voice artist, she always provides a quality, professional recording that puts that finishing touch on a video.”

~ Misty Taggart, Executive Producer, TrailerToTheStars.com


“Our clients love Melissa’s warm and friendly delivery. Some of them have actually had people waiting on hold comment on how nice and informative the messages were, asked to be put back on hold, and wanted to know who they were listening to!”

~ Rob Ellis, Production Mgr., AQ Productions, Inc.


“I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa for all of your voiceover needs. She will bring your product to life!”

~ Dominic Paluzzi, Marketing Director, Michigan Home Builders


“I began to see results within 48 hours! In fact, the longer I’ve been using my POWER Meditation™, the more results I’ve seen. It works like a charm! Melissa, you are a truly gifted, beautiful, and caring soul. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable gifts with me and helping me to achieve harmony in my busy life!”

~ Meredith Liepelt, RichLifeMarketing.com


“This letter is my personal recommendation for Melissa Hoffman. Melissa’s talents have enabled us to utilize her as both a freelance script writer and voice over talent for the past several years. I have found her to be consistently pleasant to work with, tackling each project with dedication, positive energy and a smile along with the ability to meet our deadlines.


Besides being a joy to work with, Melissa is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She regularly researches and produces creative copy for our clients that meet their marketing objectives. Additionally, she is one of our most requested voice talents. More often than not, Melissa is our “go-to” person for projects that require immediate turn-around, whether it is for writing scripts or delivering a voice over.


Melissa brings increased value to any creative project she is challenged with handling. She is a team player and a great asset to any organization in need of a creative voice.”

~ Diane Schaffer, President AQ Productions

“I want to thank you for your presentation. It was incredibly memorable and moving. I loved it! I’m excited to do more work with you.”

~ Kathy Rausch, CEO TekMiss.com

“I’ve never known how to meditate . . . The power meditation Melissa created for me is amazing, and it’s helping me create some very positive changes in my life!”

~Wayne K.

“I found an absolutely wonderful soul to help me in my healing journey and her name is Melissa Hoffman, and she truly has the voice of an angel. She will know your socks off!”

~Melanie H.

“I’ve noticed so many positive changes in my life since starting my Power Meditation package, and its so convenient and enjoyable.  Melissa helped me achieve things I’d previously give up on.  My success has improved on many levels.  THANK YOU!!!”

~Marlene H.

“As a life coach, I have seen numerous tools and questionnaires, and Melissa’s was one of the most powerful. Perhaps because it was going to be used as a step to create the power meditation and the fact the questionnaire was not the final exercise, it seemed to have much more significance than the usual “form.”


The first time I received my personal power meditation, it was obvious Melissa had taken a great deal of time and effort in creating it. I was mesmerized! Hearing my values, thoughts and dreams transposed into such a beautiful work of art – I was speechless. Every time I listen to it I still have that uplifting sense of confidence and empowerment.


Remarkable changes started once I was listening to my custom power meditation. In all the areas I had identified, I was challenged to move from where I currently was to where I envisioned myself. It was more than surprising how quickly things started to happen! Melissa’s continued support through the process was reassuring as I had some follow-up questions pertaining to all of the exciting changes.


I was so moved by the experience I had Melissa come and do a workshop for a group of women in my home. Every one of the attendees thought is was a fantastic experience and the tips she provided were very practical, meaningful and empowering.


Melissa is a genuine woman who speaks uplifting words of encouragement and caring. It has been an honor to know her and I would recommend her and her Power Meditations to anyone who is looking to make powerful positive changes in their life.”


~Kim Holzer, Financial Planning Specialist ~ In Loving Memory