Coaching & Consulting

“Your inner voice is where all success starts (or ENDS).

Let’s put it to work FOR you!”

~ Melissa On Kloud 9


The Sky’s the Limit When You Are ‘Innergized’! 

Stress factors and frustrations can cloud your vision, voice, and vitality … or you can choose to jump On Kloud 9 with Melissa where it’s possible to soar in spite of busy schedules and stress factors.



Jumpstart YOUR ‘Innergy’ TODAY with …

  • New Perspectives for Improved Results
  • Quick & Easy Strategies that are Sustainable
  • Real-life Solutions for Busy Individuals, Groups, & Organizations


Included in All New Client Programs are  …

  • Simple, Yet Profound Meditative Strategies that Offer Immediate Gratification
  • FUNdaMENTAL™ Stress Assessment & Progressive Assignments for YOUR Needs
  • Insider Secrets to Help You (& Your Brand) Achieve Better Communication Results


All New Client Coaching Programs are Based on …

  • Pre-Purchased 8-Session Value Packages w/a Bonus Session #9 Available
  • Convenient & Progressive Telephone Sessions Tailored to YOUR Needs
  • Your Choice of Individual or Group Laser-Focused 30-Minute Sessions


Choose the Coaching Program (below) that resonates with you,

and send questions regarding additional options and/or details via email to:


1. YOU & Your Inner Voice

Great GPS for parents, caregivers, and other busy individuals that combat ANTS & worry.

Live Blessed, Not Stressed


2. The Voice of the Small Business Owner

Fortification for the small start-up or entrepreneur to help build a strong brand voice.

Frustrated to Fabulous


3. Team Members & Coaches

When your inner voice & vision are aligned, your game (& LIFE) can improve dramatically.

Power Your Inner Winner


4. COPE (Corporations, Organizations, Professionals, Executives)

This is THE coaching program that helps create lasting perspective shifts, transforming key personnel, allowing better retention and bottom-line results … best achieved from the inside out.

Leapfrog Stress, Amplify Success


5. On-Call

Wish you had an alternate and unbiased ‘Voice of Reason’ on speed dial?

Exclusive On-Call Retainer  (Limited Availability to Established Clients)

eWomenNetwork Premier Coach

Start getting ‘innergized’ TODAY!  For quickest response, note the preferred program in the subject line of your email sent to, and/or call 614-419-0102 to schedule a welcome pre-session Q&A call … under no obligation.