About OK9

Dedicated to helping you live blessed, not stressed.  When we say “We are On Kloud 9”, we are on a natural high that ‘INNERGIZES’ our body, mind, and spirit.  We feel like we’re on-top-of the world, better able to leapfrog stress and amplify success.  On Kloud 9 employs a powerful synergy of proven tools, diverse products, and progressive coaching that helps you minimize the effects of stress and maximize your success (no matter what).  On Kloud 9 supports YOUR ‘innergy’, happiness, and success with unparalleled ‘sustainability’ … while mixing a little FUN with serious business.


Jump from frustrated to fabulous.  Created with busy lifestyles in mind, On Kloud 9 helps you sustain a fortified mindset.  Thus, success (whatever success means to you) is more probable.  On Kloud 9 we help you power your inner winner and sustain your ‘innergy’ in spite of busy schedules and in the face of stress and frustrations.


“All success starts (or ENDS) with your inner voice.  Put it to work FOR you.”

~ Melissa On Kloud 9


Meditation-Made-EASY is often where we start with clients since all success starts (or ENDS) with the inner voice or mindset.  Rest assured that if you are good at worrying, you’re already ‘meditating’.  OK9 helps you put your inner voice to work FOR you … quickly, easily, and powerfully.


Want Immediate Gratification?  A desire for immediate gratification is understandable; chocolate is Melissa’s personal fave … but you know immediate gratification in most forms is not sustainable.  How long does that caffeine high last before you feel the need for another java, latte, or soda?  For immediate gratification and results with sustainability, book Melissa TODAY for an ‘Innergizing’ Workshop.


Founder, Melissa Hoffman, is the Voice that ‘Innergizes’ YOU and Your Brand.  Blessed to be a selected International Premier Coach of eWomen Network, Corporate Copy Writer & ‘Innergizing’ Consultant, Professional Voice Over Talent & Power Meditation™ Specialist … she speaks, writes, coaches and professionally records for as many as thirty clients each month, ranging from individuals and start-up businesses to billion-dollar organizations.


Heart-centered on her clients, Melissa LOVES her work.  Years of scripting and recording custom audio (including Messages On Hold, IVR, TV & Radio, Power Meditations™, etc.), and coaching have led to a buzz of requests for a related product line.  Her custom-recorded Power Meditation™ mp3 audios are OK9’s exclusive signature product that has given her and her clients the edge needed to bring their biggest dreams to life.  Now On Kloud 9 gives YOU and your organization, team, or group direct access to her custom voice-over services and coaching, as well as a growing beeline of ‘innergizing’ products.


Life IS better On Kloud 9!  Jump to it, and get ‘Innergized’ TODAY!

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Some of the Wonderful Brands Melissa has Worked with


Honey Baked Ham
Burger King
eWomen Network
The Limited